Wedding Investment - Images by Aileen

Wedding Investment

"Your eyes tell me that you love me everyday.

No matter what may come, you'll be there to stay." ~ Blakelee

I remember that August day in 1987, when I saw my boyfriend get on a plane to go study abroad.  We had been dating a year.  When I said my goodbyes, I started sobbing!  It was   then and there, I realized I had indeed fallen in love for the first time in my life and knew I couldn't live without him.  Fast Forward 27 years; we are happily married, with two young men who are in college and I love him my husband even more than I did the day we said, I do.  I still remember my wedding day vividly.  Unfortunately, I went the cheap way and hired a "cheap" photographer and my pictures did not come out as I wish they would have. 

Never compromise your wedding day to just any person who owns a dslr camera.  Make sure the photographer is a legitimate professional photographer, with their business listed with the Federal and State's list of businesses.  It helps that they are members of the PPA (Professional Photographer's Association or the CTPPA, Connecticut Professional Photographer's Association.)

Many people ask me why I love to photograph weddings.  A lot of photographers think it's a lot of work and don't want to deal with "bridezillas"...etc.  Me, I love to shoot weddings. I thrive knowing that a bride and groom have put so much into their special day.  I love to be the one capturing the events of the day.  I love LOVE!!  

I will assure you your day will be photographed with the utmost quality and care. I shoot a blend of photojournalism, editorial, lifestyle, candid and traditional.  Our motto is to preserve the spirit of your day as it unfolds, paying attention to every detail, from your bridal preparations to your evening celebration.  Your wedding day is a timeless photo essay of beauty, love and emotion.  I love to capture those unexpected and truly special moments that will make your day memorable for years to come.  (I have been know to shed a tear or two during the ceremony.)  I'm such a romantic! Swoon! 

Weddings  $1,500.00-$2,700.00 - (Engagement Session included with all packages)

A wedding consult with us is recommended so we can better explain the pricing and details of what you will be getting for your wedding day.  If we can't meet personally, we can have a Skype consult.

I also offer per hour weddings.  For example, if you just want pictures of your ceremony and part of your reception, you can hire me by the hour.  The caveat is, it can't be less than 4 hours. 

For weddings that are higher in price, I do have a payment plan available! 

Let's talk! :D